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Looking Back on 2014: The 7 Most Important eDiscovery Cases in Delaware – Part 2

Posted in Best Practices, Clawback/Quick Peek, Cooperation, Cost Shifting, Document Review, Privilege, Project Management, Spoliation/Sanctions, Top Cases
LGR Website PhotoThe is the second in a series of posts summarizing the 7 most important eDiscovery cases in Delaware in 2014. The second case is 112359 Factor Fund, LLC and Five Nine Group, LLC v. Flux Carbon Starter Fund, LLC, Mary Carroll, Kevin Kreisler, and James L. Sonageri, C.A. No. 9568–VCL, Telephonic Oral Argument on Plaintiffs’ Motion to Compel… Continue Reading

Looking Back on 2014: The 7 Most Important eDiscovery Cases in Delaware – Part 1

Posted in Best Practices, Confidentiality, Cooperation, Cost Shifting, Document Review, Project Management, Search Methodology, Spoliation/Sanctions, Top Cases
The Court of Chancery continued to focus on eDiscovery throughout 2014.  During the next few weeks we will be recapping 7 cases that covered various topics including preservation, designation of confidential material and the drafting of privilege logs.  We will cover the cases in chronological order. The first case is Sustainable Biofuels Solutions, LLC v. Tekgar, LLC and Michael… Continue Reading

Controlling Data Storage Costs with Nearlining

Posted in Collection, Cost Shifting, Document Review, eDiscovery Tools, Project Management
Kyle Evans GayA recent podcast from the Legal Talk Network’s ESI Report addresses cost control, an important issue for any client, eDiscovery attorney, or eDiscovery vendor.  As the sheer volume of collections continues to increase and as the complexity and variety of the data collected continues to complicate review and production, we look to new tools to streamline the process.… Continue Reading

A Glossary of eDiscovery Terms

Posted in Project Management
We lawyers have a tendency to confuse our terminology when discussing technology.  This is especially true when discussing the technical aspects of eDiscovery.  I was inspired by the excellent Grossman-Cormack Glossary of Technology-Assisted Review which attempted to define the terminology surrounding TAR.  I prepared the following short glossary of commonly used eDiscovery terms to assist our… Continue Reading

Legal Project Management Goes Viral!

Posted in Project Management
OK, maybe not, but it has been getting more action than usual.  I’ve been following a running conversation recently on the use of project management (PM) software in the practice of law.  The larger discussion on PM in the law is fascinating, and I highly recommend reading the whole conversation, but I only mention it… Continue Reading

Legal Project Management: Law Firm PM Watch

Posted in Project Management
As I’ve noted previously, project management is rapidly gaining importance in the world of eDiscovery.  Some argue (and I agree) that project management has many applications in the practice of law.  Chief among the proponents of that prescient view is Paul Easton, author of the Legal Project Management blog.  As you can imagine, I am… Continue Reading

On Project Management and Redskins Fans

Posted in Best Practices, Project Management
I wanted to finish the “The State of eDiscovery in Delaware series before moving on to other subjects, but I’ve found it difficult (there’s so many meaty issues to discuss) and finally cracked.  Please indulge this short diversion. First, a warm and fuzzy congratulations to Gabe Acevedo, author of Gabe’s Guide to the e-Discovery Universe,… Continue Reading